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 Looking  for a Horse?

Sure, there are a lot of horses for sale - but where to find the right horse for the 

right rider?  

The most important thing when buying a horse is for the rider to be able to

enjoy their horse for a long time, and for it to fits their needs as if they

were made exactly for each other, the search for such a horse is all too often

long, expensive, frustrating, difficult and disappointing.

Selling your horse?

We have over 30 years' experience and have an enormous knowledge and 

connections within the industry to help sell your horse. 

We will assist in the sale and promotion of your horse including videos and 

photos emails and handling any other advertising required including our  


Here we can help!

Clients who purchase horses from Heatherton Park have the opportunity to continue to keep their new horse at our property for guidance to ensure that they are confidant with riding a young horse.  This system has seen some extraordinary results and has short circuited the enormous task of taking on a young horse.

From now on, we can offer you a "shopping tour" to find "Your" horse:- and for 

this, we will not only look around Australia, but also in the whole of Western 


We find for you

          . Your Dressage Horse 
                     - no matter which level

No Matter if you are

         . enjoying riding in your leisure time

       . starting riding at the first shows

       . a professional in the "Big tour"

And if you're looking for

         a talented, but highly reliable horse

       . a schoolmaster horse

       . a top partner for big shows

We Can Help!

 Just contact-us if you are looking for "YOUR" special horse we will find if for you and with you!

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