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About Us

We don't breed but we sure find the Best!

Heatherton Park has been running for 30 years as a 

Racehorse Spelling Property for 65 horses as well 

as 25 Dressage horses in training.

Over the last 10 years we have down sized to a boutique property concentrating on the same top quality.

We place great  emphasis on temperament and 

trainability, two traits of the highest importance, 

which continues to be proven throughout  there career                                                                                                                                                                               whilst using the best of local and overseas bloodline                                      Emmie Schmul and Welcome 

James and Emmie share a unique husband and wife working relationship.  James is the engine behind 

the scene who has a brilliant eye for a good horse and for searching the countyside for only the best of 

the best.  James and Emmie have developed a training and sales service strategically laid out to assist 

clients purchasing horses in order that the pass over stage is as smooth as possible.  When horses are 

purchased they are actually purchased for Emmie to ride and compete and then either they stay with us 

or we sell them on.

Clients who purchase horses from Heatherton Park have the opportunity to continue to keep their new 

horse at our property for guidance to ensure that they are confident with riding their New horse.  This 

system has seen some extraordinary results and has short circuited the getting to know each other into 

a smooth and fun experience.

We always have in stock a variety of horses from foals to competition horses.

All horses are in training and worked daily for any one to see with bloodlines of Argentinus, Weltmeyer, 

Cooperit, Contango, Capone, Jazz, Sirocco, First Kiss, Sandro Hit, Florestan, Royal Hit, to name a few.

 Meg Ferguson and Chemistry


 Vanessa Griffith and Cartiere

  Just  contact-us  if you are looking for "YOUR" special horse we will find if for you and with you!

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